Trisha Sebastian

Parc Royale

Trisha Sebastian believes that everything that she has are all blessings from God. She acknowledges that all her wisdom, knowledge, skills and talents are all from God.

She is overwhelmed with joy at the thought of how much God has blessed her. She feels blessed being able to see God’s awesome creation in different places. It is with a humble heart that she feels grateful for the opportunity to try to experience different things, sports and food.

Trisha Sebastian with Tea Ninja Milk Tea

Milk Tea

She loves to learn and discover new things. Trisha Sebastian will share with you the best tips on your travel plans. Trisha Sebastian loves to travel and explore new places. She finds beauty even in the little things in life that she aims to keep and share this beauty through pictures.

Tea Ninja Milk Tea
Trisha Sebastian with Julius Sebastian in Ersao

Julius Sebastian

She is grateful to God for her family and friends. And thankful to God for turning the unlovable people in her life a blessing by using them to mold her character, patience as well as strengthen her intimacy with the Lord.

She has this overflowing joy that she has upon knowing Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior, that it compels her to share it with other people who do not know about Him.

Trisha Sebastian is Happy

Gold’s Gym locker Room

It is with these abundant love, joy and peace that she is compelled to make this blog so that other people could see the beautiful things that she had experienced and seen. As well, as learn from her as she share her stories and ideas.

Trisha Sebastian having Quiet Time
Quiet Time

She prays that other than the knowledge and entertainment that you get from reading and viewing her blog, that God will bless you as you see how God had worked in her life.

And she prays that God will bless you by what you find in here and that it will allow you to enjoy your trips to the fullest.

Have a blessed day, trip and journey in life!

An overflowing love from Jesus Christ to you!

Trisha Sebastian

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.– Romans 8:28




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