Paint God’s Love


It’s funny that on my way to work, I was almost in tears trying to tell on my father in heaven how it’s just so hard to love some people.

It is one thing to love the unlovable…
But to love people who really get out of their way to be difficult requires more than a skill…

Then Daddy in Heaven, allowed me to hear the song:

Paint my love
You should paint my love
It’s a picture of thousand sunsets
It’s the freedom of a thousand doves
Baby you should paint my love

It’s not by my own might that He expects me to love…
but through His overflowing love…
Which will flow from me through my intimacy with Him.

We love because He loved us first.

His love is endless… And yet rich and majestic just like the Sunset.
His grace is like a sunset,
Free for everyone
And yet undervalued.

Sunset for me is one of God’s great reminds me of His amazing grace.

Just like the sunset, grace is something in which I can have no part I’m doing. It’s work is completely beyond me and . He alone, can do a work like that.


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