Happy birthday to My Baby

I know I often kid you that “I’m not your mommy!” every time that you tell me that I’m your mommy after you nominated, appointed and elected me to be your mom after mommy left us for US.

I want you to know tha

It was never because it’s hard to be your mom, but because to be a mom, I have to be ahead of you in everything especially with wisdom.

And that is very difficult to achieve because:
You are my accountability partner, my spiritual adviser, my comforter and my ever reliable best friend. You have helped me in my spiritual walk and have always been there to support my endeavor. You have selflessly thought of my needs and always been sacrificial in taking care of my needs.

I would never forget that you were there for me when I have completely nothing. I also am grateful that even if you love food so much and your boyfriend, you left them to take me to the hospital when I got sick. You didn’t just bring me to the hospital but you also took care of me.

You were always there for me especially on times that I needed you… You became mom to me, when i needed mommy. You are my joy… My cheerleader… My best friend… I love you And any Mom of yours would be so proud to have a daughter like you,.. I will surely miss you!!’ I love you sis!


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