Servant Leader

Servant Leader

The Extra Plus in Leadership: ATTITUDE

The leader’s attitude helps determine the attitudes of the followers.

Humility is the foundation for every good attitude.
Leadership is influence.
People catch our attitudes just like they catch our colds—by getting close to us.

–p.105 Developing the Leader Within You – John C. Maxwell


Follow up (at least twice ….not at the deadline, but early on. Continue to follow up to the end.)
No delegation is complete until the deadline is set.

p.44 How to Manage Your Time -Dr. Agustin B. Vencer Jr.

It is not easy to delegate. If improperly done, it will result in upward delegation. The delegator ends up doing the job. But if delegation is done properly, it is the heart of executive effectiveness.

p.45 How to Manage Your Time -Dr. Agustin B. Vencer Jr.


The manager can be trapped in the quicksand of being everything to everybody. The surest way to be miserable is to try to please everyone. There are three good reasons for honestly saying NO.

Say NO…

· on the basis of your planned schedule. · if you cannot give your best effort. · because of your commitment to family. *Say no firmly but graciously. Most people will understand…even appreciate you for it.

p.51 How to Manage Your Time -Dr. Agustin B. Vencer Jr.

How to Plan:

  1. Pray
  2. Establish objectives
  3. Program
  4. Schedule
  5. Budget

p.2-10 The Ministry of Mgt. –S.Douglass, B. Cook, H. Hendricks

Importance of PLANNING

  1. Keeps you focused. (Setting of goals/objectives)
  2. Keeps you on target
  3. To know if you’re making progress, getting results/ job done. 4. Get to measure your performance (numbers are important in your goals)

–Principles for Financial Success (Pastor’s Syllabus-Workbook) by Crown Financial

Managing Yourself is being a good steward of your time, talent and treasure.

“Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men, but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil.” Ephesians 5:15-16

p.6-5 The Ministry of Mgt. –S.Douglass, B. Cook, H. Hendricks
Thank you Percy Ng for this wonderful training.


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