Sin vs Holiness

For us to understand grace, we must know what sin is.
To follow Jesus aright, we must know what grace is.
We come to this understanding only through the light of God and His word.

In the beginning of the Bible, God created man after His image, and pronounced man to be especially agreeable.
Sin entered, as rebellion against God.
Adam was driven out of paradise.
He was brought along with the untold millions of following generations under the curse and ruin.
That was the work of sin.

What is the nature and power of Sin?

At the ark of Noah, godlessness became so intolerable among men that it pushed God to destroy man off the earth. That is the work of sin.

In Sinai, God wished to establish his covenant with a new nation, which is Israel. But because of man’s wickedness God could only appear in black and lightning so terrifying that Moses said he was trembling with fear- Hebrews 12:21.

All who rely on the works of the law are under a curse – Galatians 3:10.

The law became necessary because of sin.

In Calvary, sin is, and hatred and resentment with which the world spread out and crucified the Son of God.
Sin reached climax.
Jesus was made sin and became a curse.
This is the only way to eliminate sin.
In the agony, Jesus prayed that he might not drink the vile cup.
In the agony in which on the cross and the deep shade of desertion, he cried out:
My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
Sin brings curse and unspeakable suffering.
Jesus on the cross should give us hate and abominate sin.

On Judgment day, countless souls will be put into hell.
“Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

These words should weaken our hearts and charge us with a never-to-be-forgotten fear of sin, so that we may regret it with a undefiled hate.

What is sin? 

See what the wrong in your own heart means – all the enmity against God, all the slaughter of men, all of its confidential nature of hatefulness, lie hidden in the evil you have committed, guilt of every transgression against God.

You are a child of God.
But you commit sin.
You let it fulfill its lusts.
It it not fitting that you should cry out with shame.

I am in deep misery. Depart from me, for I am a sinful man – Luke 5:8.

Sin blinds men, so that they do not recognize its true nature.
Even a Christian has an impression that he can never be perfect and daily sin is an essential.
He gets accustomed to the idea of sinning that he loses control.
He loses the capacity of mourning over sin.
There can be no real progress in grace apart from an increased consciousness of sin and guilt of every sin against God.

How can you retrieve the lost tenderness of conscience?
How can you decide to give God the sacrifice of a broken heart?

Scripture teaches us the way.
Remember what God thinks about sin.
Holiness bums against it.
There is a solemn sacrifice which God made to overcome sin, and lead us from it.

Rest in God’s presence until His holiness shines upon you and you relate to Isaiah:

It is bad for me, for I am destroyed! Because I am a man whose lips are unclean. And I live among a people whose lips are unclean. For my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of All – Isaiah 6:5.

Remember the cross, and what Jesus had to endure there.
Sin has caused Him that terrible suffering.

If this will not teach you to hearken to the voice which says:
‘Oh, do not this abominable thing which 1 hate (Jer. 44.4). Let him take time, so that the blood and passion of the cross may exercise their greatest impact on him, and let him think of sin as nothing less than giving his hand to Satan and to his power.

This is a terrible result of our lack of prayer.
It is a result of our quick and hurried tarrying before God.
It is through that, we acquire true understanding of evil.

Think not only of what redemption has cost Jesus.
Think also of the fact that Christ is offered to you, by the Holy Spirit, as a gift of extraordinary grace.
It is through whom divine grace and purification and renewing have taken possession of you.

What form should this love be repaid?
If only time were taken to linger in God’s presence and submit such questions, the Spirit of God would finish his work of conviction of sin in us and would teach us to make a totally different approach, and would allow us a new concept of sin.

The thought would appear to emerge in our hearts that we have in real accomplishment been redeemed.

This will allow us to live every day as partners in the great success of Jesus over sin on the cross.
We prove it in our walk.

What do you think you?
The sin of prayerlessness has had a better severe effect than you.
It is because of this hasty and lightweight converse with God that the sense of sin is so weak.
It is because of this that you are not motivated to hate and flee from sin as you should.

Only hidden, humble, constant fellowship with God can teach you, as a child of God, to hate sin as God wants you to hate it.

Only the true immediacy and uninterrupted power of the living Christ can give us right understanding of what sin is and to hate it.

Without a deeper understanding of sin, there will be no hope of appropriating the victory which is made possible for us in Jesus,  wrought in you by the Spirit.

I pray that God will cause us to understand our sins and teach us to wait before Him and on Him until His Spirit causes something of His holiness to lay upon us.

Daddy in Heaven, please inspire me to understand my transgression, and let this sink me to listen to the promise that He that abides in you does not sin and to expect the fulfillment from you!


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