It was a pleasant weekend with you guys. I thank God for blessing our trip in Tagaytay.

Thank you Wesley for your heart of service and for sharing your life testimony. Thank you for your spirit of service in making sure everyone is safe home.

For the Hyper Duo: Fed and Bev who hosted nonstop – Your energies are justoverflowing.

Federico Roa – Thank you for your initiative on asking God’s blessings for everything. Without every group prayers that you have said, this would not be a blessed trip as it was. Thank you for sharing your guitar skills! It’s impressive that whatever songs we like, we could just find the chords, and you could already play it.

We got right on time for the Worship Service. Thank you Wes and Czar for preparing the breakfast early, and Beverly for waking up early and for making sure that everyone prepare on time before the service.

Trisha Claudine Sebastian CCF Sta Rosa Laguna

Thank you for praying for my spiritual life’s sake about the Tagaytay trip. Thank you for being a woman of integrity to see to it that we all get to go to Sunday Worship Service. I am so grateful to God for allowing us to be blessed with the Sunday Worship in CCF Sta Rosa. Thank you also for the program that you made on our way home. It was a very heartwarming program.

It was a message by Pastor Nathan and I felt that God has prepared it specially for us – His children.

In the Service, I was glad that It was an extraordinarily blessed Service! Truly God is omnipresent!!! He has restored me fully and overflowing! I am so blessed, and I praise God for an ULTIMATE BLESSED FELLOWSHIP.

I am so glad to be with each of you, because I feel that I am with genuine disciples of Jesus – if you love one another -John 13:35.

Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others – 1 Corinthians 10:24.

For Czar for the place, for your birthday event and for allowing us to be blessed as part of people who could bless Irene on her birthday.

Criska for blessing me to know a beautiful person like you inside and outside… I love talking with you and I can’t wait for our next date.

For the boys Fed, Dek and Wes: Thank you for being a gentle man and for making sure that all of us are safe. Fed Thank you for carrying my bags.

Mga positive kayong lahat!!! You are positively in love with God!

He is the ONLY source of true joy and beautiful blessings…and because of that, I am well sure that our friendship is from Him and that this trip was blessed by Him.

You’re all from Him and that I pray that He will always be the center of our friendship and that He will always protect it from the lies of the enemy. I pray that each of our relationships will end glorifying God and God alone.

GV!!! You are all Great and Virtous! I love you Positive Peeps!!! Sooo blessed with all of you this weekend. I have learned a lot from all of you and I am still learning.

I pray that we would all have deeper intimacy with Him, because our love for Him would help us love each other. There will be times that our friendship will be tried, and I pray that our intimacy with Him and the reality of His grace in our life, would help us to overlook each other’s faults.

We love because he first loved us – 1 John 4:19.


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