Obedience in God

Obedience in God

A Purpose Life

Immediately Jesus made his disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him, while he dismissed the crowd – Mark 6:45.

We are inclined to think that if Jesus obliges us to do something and we obey Him, that He will lead us to a fabulous success.

But our expectation of success could be not the intent of God for us. His plan could be the opposite. We could assume that God is leading us toward a particular goal, but God is not so much concerned of whether we reach a certain goal. Reaching it is of little importance along the way. The process of reaching a particular end is the goal itself of God.

What is your vision of God’s plan for you?

Whatever it could be, His goal is for you to depend on Him and on His power moment by moment. God’s goal is being accomplished in us when we stay calm, faithful, and certain in the middle ofconfusion in our life. God is not working toward an excellent end— His goal is the process itself.

God wants us to have the absolute certainty that everything is sufficient simply because we see Him walking on the sea – Mark 6:49.

It is the way, not the issue, that is glorifying to God.

God’s practice is for now, not later. His goal is at present and not for any time in the future. It is our obedience. We do not have to concern ourselves with what is attached to our obedience. What we term as preparation is God’s plan itself.

God’s goal is to allow us to realize that He can walk on the storms of our life right now. If we have a secondary goal in mind, we are not giving sufficient attention to the present time. Nevertheless, if we understand that obedience is the purpose, then each moment as it comes is affected.


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