Dear God’s Best

Trisha Claudine sebastian | dear gods best

Dear God’s Best,

We were never created to be alone, we thrive off of love and romance, so I think it would be reciprocally fit for us to find each other soonest.

To be honest, even if most guys would not accept this, I miss you as much as you want me. I tried to pretend just like one of those guys who wont admit this, but the truth is, in my heart, nothing could be more rewarding than to be your understanding and loving provider, your husband.

My plans and thought are all over. I ask God daily for advice and support. God is the only one who sees the large picture. I am just as lost as you are.

I know that there are wondrous things out there for us to learn together, God will show them to each of us in time. There is a reason why we are still not together. Apparently, It is because we haven’t met up to now. Or if we have, we have not until now acquire to know each other.

God has been dealing with me on issues that would only bring our relationship over. I struggle with the idea of being forgiven without reason, and I want to learn to be more receptive of grace. Until I am, please do not quit on me. Truthfully, the reason we are not together is because I have asked God to put off on our meeting until I am ready to be the person you deserved. I have some fears. Trust me, nothing is scarier for a guy than to believe that he will be the sentiment lovestruck one, while you look on in contempt. I don’t want to faint when we meet, and your heart will just melt at my smile. Do not be afraid, you can never ask excessively a terrific deal of God. Nothing is beyond His capability. The reason you desire these things is that God created these desires in you, specifically for me. And I am the only one who will be these things. You would not be satisfied with any other guy.

And trust me, I am far from impeccable. My heart suffers at the very idea that you would marry me. I think that I am undeserving. It is unfair that someone with a past like mine gets matched with the girl of my dreams. But the beauty of grace, is that it creates life, not fair.

I had been looking for you. I am still waiting for the perfect time that God will choose for us to meet. The fact that I know that you are out at that place doing the exact, simply strengthens me also.

Love is not a feeling or emotion but a decision. And I have already decided to love you unconditionally into eternity.

Admittedly, an attractive appearance is impressive, but appearances can be deceiving. Don’t worry about it. Just be yourself.

My eyes were created with you in mind, so you have an advantage over other women. Plus, if you make yourself look too appetizing, it is possible that you will attract more than just me. I do not want to have to stop the hounds off my lady.

Your flaws are what make you unique, and I can save you just as comfortable on my screensaver as any of those other ladies. And the prizewinning part is, then I will see the actual lady right by my side to keep me warm.

Best of luck with the cover snatching, you’ll need it. While there are a lot of lovely ladies out there, there is just one for me. I would never settle down for somebody I could stay with, and you shouldn’t either. Where is the joy in that? I am the ace you could never conceive of living without.

I’m the guy you might see at first, but just in that, obscure kind of way, but if you got to know me, you’d get a guy that yearns after God, and that is what will help you understand the way God has laid out for the both of us.

If I only saw the appeal from the world’s perspective, I’d be a pretty lonely single, wouldn’t I? Nothing is more beautiful than a beautiful soul. I could never hold off to be captivated by yours. I would catch on all the pain the world could throw at you, and you would be the paradise that would help me do it. I’ll be the first to acknowledge, I struggle with taking a passive role. It is difficult to be a leader without anyone to lead. It is hard to discern who to pursue. I guess my immense fear is accidentally getting over involved with someone who is not you. I had been hurt and rejected, and mostly because I had pursued. In fact, most of the stupid things that I have done were from hunting. Maybe I should learn to do less shooting and more tracking. I cannot just launch into a group and wish for a hit. God has directed me on how to fix my sights to see you. And you’ll be my trophy wife. I couldn’t help myself with that one. You should know that if you think I’d get wed for the interest of getting married, perhaps you were the one looking in the wrong places. Marriage is a decision for life, and that’s a choice I’d be heartbroken to give to anyone but you. That and I want my rib back. There is no one I’d rather make my life with. We’ll have our difficulties, but we would also have our victories, and there is no one else other than you whom I would rather share my experience with. I know that there’s no way I will become the man God wants me to be without you. I am becoming exhausted myself. It’s been years, and I have not kissed anyone. Trust me, I would rather be in your arms. I was not terribly alone, but I was as calm as. I am one of those who seems isolated in the crowd, because I just do not fit in. I am not of this world, and that is how you will be able to know who I am. I can not hold off till I can feel you as we see in our first New yr unitedly. It will be my happiest instance until the next time you smile.

Good night to you, my love! God’s day is His own, but I pray that He would consider our time not spent together as time lost. I will look for you until I die, but I hope God to make sure it does not take that long. Do not settle for Mr. Good Enough. Believe me, when we meet, he is going to look like the frog.

I do not know what you look like, but I know you will be the woman that God has formed from and for me. I am sure that you will exhibit integrity, faith, tenderness, and a pure heart, which are each an attraction on its own. Just one of these is worth waiting an infinity for. I have loved you as long as you take me, and for the same reason. Do not quit waiting for me. I am searching for you. When we meet at last, you can be confident God was the one who is the mastermind to carry out the best in both of us, to glorify Him in the greatest way attainable. God has been moving in both of our lives, and He has been moving us together. It is only a matter of time before that finally happens.

Forever Your God’s Best.


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