What ignites you?

Trisha Claudine Sebastian | iGnite CCF

What ignites you?
What’s your passion?
What are things in life that you truly love?
Do you feel that life is like a chore?
If you want to love life, pursue your passions.
Stop wasting time and get going.
Light your fire.

What are your Talents?
Everyone has an exceptional skill or hobby.
You don’t have to be the first.
What is something that you enjoy?
What makes you happy?
What makes you lose track of time?

Take it one step further to make it your passion.
Can you write a book about it?
Can you be an expert on it?
Can you make a career out of it?

Open up to New Experiences.
If you haven’t discovered your passion, it wouldn’t just happen.
Try new experiences.
You can never tell where life could take you.

Brainstorm your passion.

Ask questions.
Learn from others.
Ask people about their daily lives.

Research things that you enjoy.
Read books.
Surf the internet.
You don’t need to know your passion overnight.

Do you love the way you live?
Then you’re probably on the right track.

Practice skills that enhance your passions.
Challenge yourself to exceed your expertise.

Face Your Fears.
Explore your Fears.
Fear like fire is a powerful emotion.
Feelings are felt for things you care about.
Don’t fear failing in something that you love.
Deal with your fears.

Never Quit.
Success in love is never easy.
Some people near gave up.
Dig down yourself to experience it.
Believe in yourself.
You’ll never know what tomorrow will bring.


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