To My Underdog Lover friend

Trisha Sebastian painting by Julius Sebastian

Trust that God will protect him.
Just honor God by honoring your parents.
Have faith in God’s words that He will be the defender and protector of His children.
There are many times that I do feel what you feel.
But during these times, God never fails to remind me that He is in charge.
God loves me, and I should love God by pleasing Him.
And God never fails to show me that He is in control.
I lift up to Him the people who hurt me or the people that I can not stand.
God is truly breathtaking because He is proving to me that even the difficult task of changing people’s heart is possible through Him.

Our God superintends over all life and is in full control of all he has created.
Secret things belong to God. Only God knows.
No one knows His perfect plan.
No one knows His intention of allowing unpleasant things to happen.
No one knows what makes Him intervene to prevent people.

Trust God. 

He could change people’s hearts.
If they do not, God would change us to be stronger.


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