Finding God’s Will

Trisha Sebastian with D12 Dgroup

In Psalm 25, we could learn how David searched for God’s will.

Do you think that God will help you through life?
What you know about God is the most valuable thing about you. God have plans for us, and the Bible tell us that God will help us know His way.

Recall a time that you are sure that the Lord guided you in making a decision. How did God’s guidance come to you? What has been the outcome so far? Read Psalm 25.

What indications do you see that David fully expected the Lord to guide him?

How would you describe David’s position before the lord?

In order for people, to receive the Lord’s counsel what conditions did David considered necessary? (Psalm 25:9-14)
It is necessary to be humble for God to show what is right and and teach his way.
God will instruct those who fear the Lord in the ways they should choose.
The Lord confides in those who fear him and makes his covenant known to them.

David acknowledged his own failings and asked for forgiveness based on God’s love.

Besides his own personal sin, David faced external conflict and problems(Psalm 25:2-3:16-20) yet he expected to know God’s guidance through it all.

What are the qualities of God in His personal commitment?

What decisions do you think you most need God’s guidance?

In what decisions do you suspect or wonder whether God can or will help you?

Honestly voice out to God your faith or doubts in His guidance. Commit to God a decision that you need to make soon.


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